COVID-19 Nonprofit Impact


In February of 2020, reports of incidences in the United States of a new strand of coronavirus, caused by COVID-19, began to change our daily lives. Individuals began following stay-at-home and/or quarantine directives. Businesses and nonprofits, separated into essential and non-essential services, began adjusting operations to be more virtual or closed their doors.

On March 11, the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a pandemic. Many scientific analyses reported that the peak of incidents in the US will happen between mid-April and early May, which means the nonprofit sector, like all other sectors, will experience repercussions for quite some time.

By July 2020, after the phased re-opening of many parts of the state in early summer, Florida was seeing a record number of COVID-19 cases. Nonprofits, after months of closed or altered services, face a new reality and are beginning to plan ahead for more permanent changes. 

The nonprofit sector, unlike other sectors, is currently grappling with the negative effects of COVID-19 AND an increased demand in services. Not only are their business operations disrupted, including traditional and regular forms of revenue, but the clients that many of them serve are now in need of additional or different services than before.

Read the full reports below:

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