Racial Diversity and Equity Series

Series Overview

As nonprofit organizations across the state of Florida, we are committed to our missions, to making our communities better, stronger, and more responsive to their residents.  However, recent events across the United States have made many of us question how committed we actually are to diversity, equity, and inclusion, in our personal and professional lives.  Are we supporting and uplifting people of color?  Are we unintentionally doing more harm than good if we are not consciously anti-racist in our lives?  FNA is honored to provide this series of four workshops, designed to encourage and enable you to identify areas where you can make changes to your interactions to the world around you. 


The series provides opportunities to focus on both your individual AND organizational learning and growth.  This makes these sessions perfect for any staff or volunteer at your organization who is interested in expanding their understanding of diversity and equity.  You can participate in all of the sessions as a series, or just choose the ones that are most applicable to you right now.


To participate in the sessions, your investment will be:


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Because of the content in this series and the emotional work it may bring for participants, spots in each session will be limited to allow for maximum interaction.


If you have any questions about the series or individual sessions, please contact Leah McDermott.  For more information on membership, please click here.


Thank you to the Jim Moran Foundation for sponsoring this series.


Session 1: Institutional Racism, Implicit Bias, and Microaggressions
Tuesday, September 29th, 2-4PM EST
Presented by Dr. Tammy L. Hodo, President of All Things Diverse
Cost: $15 for FNA members; $40 for non-members (discount available for participating in the series)
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This 2-hour session, designed for individual learning and growth, will examine:

  • The construct of race and how it has changed throughout American history
  • Institutional racism, both historical and contemporary, and the continued disparities we see in generational wealth, educational outcomes, and other areas of society
  • The results of the Implicit Association Test and how implicit bias impacts everyday interactions with people and our decision-making process
  • Mechanisms to mitigate biases and recognize when we are relying on our biases to make decisions
  • The four units of socialization which will allow attendees to understand how we develop our biases
  • Microaggressions and how they impact people in marginalized communities


Each participant will be expected to take the free Implicit Association Test (IAT) before participating in the session.


Session 2: Creating a Strategic Diversity Plan
Thursday, October 15th, 2-3:30PM EST
Presented by Dr. Tammy L. Hodo, President of All Things Diverse
Cost: $15 for FNA members; $40 for non-members (discount available for participating in the series)
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This 90-minute session, designed for organizational planning and growth, will:

  • Reveal current workforce demographics and why diversity is a good business decision
  • Help you understand how your organization’s workforce mirrors (or not) the population you serve
  • Assist you in developing a 3-5 year Strategic Diversity Plan, including getting buy-in from current employees
  • Develop a SMART method to measure progress on your plan
  • Share tips to recruiting, engaging, and retaining a diverse staff



Session 3: Building Equitable Organizations with Distributive Decision Making
Thursday, November 12th, 2-4PM EST
Presented by Ananda Valenzuela, Interim Executive Director of RVC in Seattle, WA
Cost: $15 for FNA members; $40 for non-members (discount available for participating in the series)
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The traditional decision-making models that our organizations use can be disempowering, inequitable, and time consuming.  If we change how we make decisions and build a healthy learning culture, we create space for employees across the organization to gain valuable professional experience and streamline the operations of our organizations.  In this 2-hour workshop, designed for organizational planning and growth, participants will:

  • Connect how changing decision-making processes leads to anti-racism action
  • Understand the benefits of the advice process for both the organization and the employees
  • Learn how the advice decision-making process works
  • Be able to implement it at their organization



Session 4: Interrupting Bias Within the Employee Lifecycle
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2-4PM EST
Presented by Emily Holthaus, Nonprofit HR
Cost: $15 for FNA members; $40 for non-members (discount available for participating in the series)
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From attracting world class talent to respectfully offboarding employees and everything in between, the employee lifecycle is often a place where bias can creep into organizations. During this session, we will take a deep dive to uncover how to identify and interrupt bias through solutions that address both the human and process sides of the equation. Throughout, we will engage in meaningful dialog and most importantly introduce actionable methods that can be applied within your organization to address bias and increase equity within your talent management processes.

This 2-hour session is designed for staff leaders or those who make HR decisions at nonprofit organizations and addresses topics related to recruiting, hiring, and managing all employees in an equitable way.

To register for a session or the series:

  • Click on the registration link above.  If you are registering for the series, you will need to register for each session individually, and enter the code DEI2020 each time.  
  • If you are an FNA member, make sure you are logged in to your account to receive the member discount.
  • If you have any trouble, please contact Leah McDermott


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