Individual Giving Survey
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Florida Individual Giving Survey

The Florida Nonprofit Alliance in partnership with Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has commissioned a statewide survey to for our state’s full-time and part-time residents to survey their giving habits. This research has never been conducted in the state of Florida. 


“Florida is now the third most populous state in the nation. With this survey, we hope to identify how Floridians choose to donate their time, talent and treasure. Imagine what our nonprofits could do if we retained more of Florida’s philanthropic wealth in the state and directed it toward Florida’s nonprofits. By doubling the rate of Floridians who volunteer, we can move from the bottom to the top quartile,” said Sabeen Perwaiz, executive director of FNA.

It is important to understand the preferences of our state’s residents to determine how to reach them and keep them engaged as a sector. Nonprofits are also facing an uncertain giving climate with the recent changes in charitable deductions. This survey will allow us to see if charitable giving has decreased because of Federal Tax Reform.

The survey launched on May 15, 2019 and will close on August 15, 2019.  The FNA study was funded primarily by Wells Fargo, Jessie Ball duPont Fund and The Community Foundation of Northeast Florida. 


The survey had the following objectives:

  • To learn more about residents who contribute money and volunteer their time to nonprofit organizations
  • To gauge if giving has decreased because of tax reform
  • To measure the difference in giving between their home state and Florida
  • To measure public interest toward nonprofit organizations
  • To measure their familiarity with efforts to prevent charity fraud
  • To measure consumer trust in nonprofits 

Survey questionnaires were reviewed by University of Florida’s Nonprofit Management and Leadership office.


The full research report can be accessed here.   


The infographic can be accessed here.


Key Survey Findings include:

  • 98% donated to a charitable cause in the past year
  • More than 60% gave less than $1,000 per year
  • 84% did not change their giving as a result of federal tax reform
  • 85% do some or a lot of research into their chosen charities prior to donating
  • 60% were not familiar with the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Service’s efforts to prevent charity fraud
  • 59% give to charities in Florida
  • 58% know how to verify if a charity is permitted to fundraise in Florida
  • 48% Gave to National charities
  • Letters and emails were the most frequently preferred methods of solicitation


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