Legal Compliance Checklist

Created by the Florida Nonprofit Alliance, the Legal Compliance Checklist for Florida outlines laws that affect Florida nonprofits’ governance, finances, advocacy, human resources, and fundraising and how to comply with them.


The Legal Compliance Checklist is free for FNA members and $15.00 for non-members.


Click here to download the Checklist.  


Additional Resources for Legal Compliance

Sample Bylaws
Conflict of Interest Policies
Document Retention and Destruction Policies
Gift Acceptance Policies
Gift Acknowledgement Samples
Advocacy 101 Trainings
List of Registered Florida Lobbyists
List of Registered Florida Professional Fundraisers
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
IRS Charity website


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This checklist is not intended to give legal advice and should not be relied on without your attorney’s counsel. It is primarily a compliance tool for IRS Section 501(c)(3) public charities incorporated and operated in Florida. Private foundations and nonprofits classified as tax-exempt under other Internal Revenue Code sections may be subject to different rules and regulations.



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