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2016 Policy Agenda 

  • FNA strongly supported, testified on behalf of, and worked successfully to pass SB754/HB643 which enhances DACS authority to police unscrupulous charities and provides authority for DACS to participate in multi-state and federal investigations of such charities
  • FNA killed SB1672/HB1109 which would have capped salaries at any nonprofit receiving state funding of any kind
  • FNA supported SB1746, a Senate Resolution recognizing the contributions of the nonprofit sector the Florida's economy and quality of life. The Resolution was adopted
  • FNA reviewed hundreds of bills to ensure there were no untoward consequences for the nonprofit sector and provided analysis to legislators and legislative staff.

2015 Policy Agenda

  • Implementation of the Solicitation of Contributions Act ("The Charity Reform Law").  Although the law passed in 2014, FNA has actively been working with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services providing feedback from our members as they create the implementing rules.  During 2015 we will continue to make this law and its rules a major part of our Policy Agenda
  • HB997/SB 1446.  This bill gives the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services investigative authority and necessary tools to regulate effectively the so-called "uncharitable charities."  FNA supports this bill.  This bill passed both Chambers but was vetoed by the Governor.
  • Along with several other community leadership agencies in Florida, FNA is pleased to co-lead efforts with the Florida Philanthropic Network on the development of the Florida Charitable Advisory Partnership (FCAP).  FCAP is a way for nonprofits, and particularly members of FNA, to have their voices heard directly with Florida state agencies on regulations and public policy decisions impact the charitable sector. 
  • Many issues and concerns surround nonprofit contracting with various government entitiesFNA will seek to work with government agencies to obtain operational efficiencies, whether it be in the reimbursement schedule, the amount of paperwork required, etc.
  • New rules from the Federal Office of Management and Budget related to Indirect Cost Guidance are redefining the cost landscape for nonprofits.  FNA will actively be promoting these guidelines and educating nonprofit stakeholders throughout the year.  Click Here to Read More


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SB 638/ HB 629 (The Solicitation of Contributions Act aka The Charity Reform Law)
  --  Frequently Asked Questions   

 -- FL Dept. of Agricult. & Consum. Servic. Fact Sheet

Charitable organizations or sponsors that intend to solicit in or from the state of Florida must now register, regardless of whether they are soliciting Florida residents, including those reporting less than $25,000 in donations. The bill would empower the state’s charity regulators to revoke the sales tax exemptions of nonprofits as a penalty for violations of the Solicitation of Contributions Act (and additional penalties).  It also would create new audit requirements for nonprofits receiving higher amounts of donations, and create a new annual financial reporting requirement.  More detailed information can be found on the two links above.  This bill passed and was signed into law.

SB 856: Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act ("Clawback Glitch Fix Bill")

This proposed bill was to clarify the intent of the legislature that charitable organizations are exempt from certain transfers of charitable contributions under the Florida Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (“FUFTA”), Ch. 726, Florida Statutes, ss. 726.105(1)(b) and 726.106(1). This bill failed to get out of session.

 2013  HB 95 Charitable Contributions ("Clawback Bill”)

To provide that transfer of charitable contribution that is received in good faith by qualified religious or charitable entity or organization is not fraudulent transfer; provides exceptions. Read more.

2012 "Fiscal Cliff" Charitable Deduction Debate

To place a percentage or aggregate cap on the value of the charitable deduction. Read more.

2012 Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act ("Clawback Bill”)

To protect nonprofit organizations that receive charitable contributions in good faith from donors engaged in fraudulent activity.

2012 Compensation of Employees
To impose a salary cap on nonprofit executive compensation.
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