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The selection of a consultant is entirely the decision of each nonprofit and it is suggested that before entering into an engagement, you practice due diligence and consider the expertise and experience of the consultant. 

The consultants listed in this directory have paid a fee in order to be included. This directory has been compiled for the convenience and accommodation of the nonprofit community in Florida. The Florida Nonprofit Alliance cannot guarantee or vouch for the competence or level of experience of any of the listed consultants. The Florida Nonprofit Alliance cannot be held liable for any actions on the part of the consultants listed in this directory. The Florida Nonprofit Alliance also cannot be held responsible for any external webpage content linked from consultant profile pages.

For tips on selecting and working with a consultant, please review this resource:
How to Choose & Work with a Consultant by Peter C. Brinkerhoff.  

Individual consultants, or individuals working for consulting firms, can become members of the Florida Nonprofit Alliance. In order to be eligible to become a consultant member, you must provide professional consulting services designed for nonprofits and have a demonstrated track record with nonprofit clients.

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